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  What Is Syncbay?

Syncbay is a personalized 'Home Page' - a smart and convenient web page that will show automatically, every time you start surfing the web. It's free so there is no need to use your credit card.


What Is A Home Page?

A 'Home Page' or 'Start Page' is the webpage that loads each time you open your web browser (i.e when you open Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome etc).


When I Make Syncbay My Homepage, What Exactly Will I See Each Time I Open My Browser To Surf The Web?

You can view a screenshot of what you'll see below. Alternatively, click this link


Why Should I Have Syncbay As My Home Page?  

Reason # 1:

Having Syncbay as your home page will save you a lot of time as you'll have instant and one-click access to the websites that you visit the most.

You can designate up to 12 'favorite' websites by clicking the green 'Customize' button:


Reason # 2:

You can Search, Watch, Shop, Socialize, Bid, Comment, Listen and Email directly from your Syncbay homepage via eight of the most popular websites on the internet:








For example, if I wanted to search for a DVD at Amazon, I would:

1. Click on the ' icon' and load Syncbay's Amazon search bar.
2. Type in the name of the DVD I wanted
3. Click the green 'Go' button

The results would then appear in a new window and I would then buy the DVD if it were available.

However... let's say the DVD was unavailable at Amazon and I had to continue my search elsewhere.

I would then click the Google icon which would load Syncbay's Google search bar and repeat the search, hopefully finding what I was looking for.

Please note, if I wanted to perform the search at Google's own website directly, I would just click the grey button below the search bar and Google's homepage would appear.

Same with Amazon... same with Ebay... same with all the others. Try it out and see!


Syncbay is something you'll use every day, every time you go online. It will save you opening and closing Google or other search providers repeatedly... it'll eliminate having to perform unnecessary searches, checking favorites, remembering and typing in domain names and URL's every time you want to view a website... the list goes on.

Essentially, it'll make your life much easier as everything you want and need will be in one place... and your home page will be completely ad free. No annoying  pop-ups, pop-unders or anything like that. We promise!

Syncbay is extremely simple to use, isn't fussy and over complicated like some other homepage providers... plus it'll save you time and get you where you want to go online much much faster!


Ready To Make Syncbay Your Home Page?  It Take Just 10 Seconds!


Does Syncbay Offer Anything Else?

Yes, quite a lot actually...

Firstly, there's the Syncbay toolbar and you can see all the details and download the toolbar here. It's a simple 30 second installation but the benefits are huge. You'll be able to:

Listen To Music Whilst Surfing The Web...
Stream Over 30 TV Channels For Free...
Be Notified When You Get Emails...
Receive The Latest Weather Reports...

Secondly, if you think that your friends would benefit from Syncbay you can tell them about us and be in with the chance of winning an Apple iPad and $1000 cash. We'll be picking a winner every single month!

Thirdly, let's not forget about "Cyril", Syncbay's mascot. (That's him above and on the left!). 'Cyril The Sloth' will brighten up your week by showing funny videos each week from within his infamous 'Odd Box'.


The Next Step?

Make your homepage today by clicking the button below.

It only takes a few seconds. Your online life will be easier, faster and more efficient as everything will be in one place... and with Cyril running the show, much more enjoyable!



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